Department of  Higher Education


                          ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS DURING 2009-10  


                  Implementation of various scholarship schemes is a major annual activity of the Department. The beneficiaries come under different categories, namely : Merit, Post Matric Central Scholarship, Research  Scholarship, NEC (stipend and book grant) and Scholarship for Minority Communities. Students belonging to the State and studying within and outside Nagaland but within the country , are sponsored according to the eligibility criteria of each scholarship schemes. 

The Post-Matric Central Scholarship Scheme is for SC/ST students. The objectives of the scheme is to provide financial assistance at the Post Matric/Post-Secondary stage to such students who are less economically advantaged. Eligibility is therefore restricted to students who are dependent on parents/ guardians having an income, from all sources,which does not exceed Rs.1,00,000/-per annum. With effect from the 9th plan period the Central Government have made the scheme 100% Centrally Sponsored in respect of the North-Eastern states.  

The Nagaland Merit  Central Scholarship scheme was instituted by the  State Government as an incentive for academic excellence for students at the Post-Matric/Post Secondary and Graduation level.  The Scheme has also been extended to the students pursuing Post graduate studies.It is a State sponsored programme. The criteria for eligibility is a first division in the Board/University Examination in the lower class. 

The Research scholarship for scholars pursuing M.Phil and Ph.D.studies is a State sponsored programme and is awarded to ST students of Nagaland, pursuing research studies in recognized institute within the country. 

The NEC Merit Scholarship (stipend & book grant) was revived and instituted in 2004-2005. This is an NEC sponsored scheme. It is awarded to meritorious students of the state, both ST and general students having permanent residence certificate, pursuing the course and subjects approved by NEC. The NEC stipend & book grant is awarded for the following level of courses : Diploma, Degree,Post-Graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D  

Scholarships for Minority Communities: Students belonging to the Minority Communities (namely,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs,Buddhists and Zoroastrians/Parsis who are included within the Central Govt.Notification under section 2 (C) of the National Commission for Minorities Act,1992 will come within the purview of this facility. The objective of the scheme is to award scholarship to the meritorious students belonging to economically weaker sections of minorities communities to enable them to pursue Higher education from class XI to Ph.D. This scheme will be implemented from 2009-10. 

Under various heads listed below, the Department has  successfully implemented the various Scholarship Scheme during 2008-09.

(Rupees in lakh)



Names of the Scholarship Schemes


Number of Beneficiaries

Actual amount utilized


Post Matric Scholarship for ST students


the Ministry of Tribal Affairs




NEC Stipend and Book Grant under the scheme “Financial support to the students of NER for Higher Professional Courses”






Nagaland State Merit Scholarship

State Govt.





Nagaland State Research Scholarship

State Govt.




Post Matric Scholarship for Students belonging to Minority Communities (Christians and Muslims) of Nagaland

Govt. of India Ministry of Minority Affairs New Delhi


Rs. 1,74,000/-







2 .Construction During the year 2009-10, an amount of Rs.358.69 lakh has been allocated for the Department of Higher Education under capital sector.

Out of the allocated budget , construction of security fencing around the main building,Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung has been completed with an estimated cost of Rs.67.00 lakh.

Tender formalities for construction of boys hostel  Jotsoma, Repair and Renovation of College Building at Science College Jotsoma, are in progress. Execution of the work will start shortly.

Construction of 50 bedded women hostel of Kohima College is in good progress. Out of

The estimated Rs.1,59, 61.00 ( one crore,fifty nine lakh, sixty one thousand) , the UGC  has provided Rs.1,00,00,000 (1 crore).

womencoll-kma.gif (36274 bytes)

50 bedded Women Hostel , Kohima College under contruction 

Proposal Projects/Programmes to be undertaken during 2010-11 

1.Construction –For the annual plan,2010-11, the Department has proposed for completion of 5 nos of on going projects amounting to Rs.929.99 lakhs.

The projects are listed below:

a.Construction of Kohima College building, Kohima-Rs.177.55 lakhs.

b.Polycarbonate roofingof Kohima College, Kohima-Rs.10.08 lakhs.

c.Consruction of College building at Mount Tiyi College, Wokha – Rs.224.00 lakhs.

d.Construction of Directorate building, Kohima – Rs.258.36 lakhs.

e.Constuction of boys hostel at Science College, Jotsoma – Rs.260.00 lakhs. 


a.Taking over of New College :

In response to the felt needs of the people of the area and on the recommendations of the prominent public leaders, the Government of Nagaland, took over  Pfutsero College,Pfitsero with effect from 1st April,2009. With this takeover, the number of Government Colleges have increased from 13 to 14 Colleges.

b.Post creation :

 To meet the shortages of manpower in the Science stream, the Govt.of Nagaland created 8 (eight) posts of lecturer for Science stream at Phek Govt.College, Phek and Sao Chang College, Tuensang  on 25th March,2009. 3 (three) posts of Lab Assistants were also created for the Laboratories. To man the Educational Satellite  (EDUSAT) located at Kohima Science College,Jotsoma, the Govt. created 1(one) post of Hub Engineer  and 2 (two) posts of Technicians  on 21st July,2009.

                 EDUSAT in Nagaland , have been set up with the objectives of imparting teaching at remotely located Colleges, Higher Secondary Schools & Polytechnics, provide better interaction between teachers and students and provide career counseling   to the students. The Department of Higher Education has been identified as the Nodal Department  for the EDUSAT project.


            Under National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the Department of Higher Education, Nagaland, has seriously taken up the national policy for Assessment and Accreditation of Colleges, in order to promote and sustain Quality Education in the State.  The Department is actively involved to create awareness in the Colleges for quality education. This includes conducting Principals workshops, Seminars for coordinators and visiting Colleges to motivate and guide for accreditation.

Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung became the first Govt.College to be NAAC assessed during 27th-29th August,2009. The College was accredited with Grade ‘B’. Earlier some Institutions were also NAAC assessed.

Institutions   Accredited in Nagaland:

University : 1

Colleges      : 3

princpl-hiedu.gif (56909 bytes)

Principals attending the seminar on Quality Management in Higher Education held on 27th October,2009 


  The  Department is actively Co-ordinating with University Grants Commission (UGC) to help Colleges in Nagaland to avail all possible facilities.UGC recognized Colleges are getting financial assistance for developmental works. Many permanently affiliated Colleges to Nagaland University are on the process of UGC recognition. 

UGC recognized Colleges under section 2(f) & 12(b)


Total number of Secular Colleges in Nagaland.


Number of UGC recognized Colleges

Number of Unrecognised



Govt. Colleges     -  14




Private Colleges   -  38




Total                    -  52




The Department could confer the Higher Education Meritorious Award to 5(five) Lecturers and Commendation Certificate to  2 (two) Ministerial   Staff during 2009 for  their contribution towards the growth of Higher Education during 2008. 

f.Capacity Building: 

The year 2008-09 have been declared as the year of Capacity Building by the Govt. of  Nagaland.  With the financial aid received from the Government , several workshops /trainings have been organized . 

a.Workshop on Leadership Lab for selected Government Colleges- In order to inculcate the Leadership Qualities amongst the senior officers of Higher Education Directorate and its subordinate establishments, an Extempore leadership lab was conducted from 7-8th April,2009 in the Directorate premises at Kohima. The workshop conducted by Dr.Abraham Ruby Head Faculty, 6th Sense Resource ,begin with a brainstorming session. The lab was unique in every sense as the participants  had to express different reasons and concerns and made  the lab exceptional from routine premeditated trainings. 

b.Training on Accounts & Budgets for the staff of Government Colleges- 19th May,2009 , To upgrade the skills of the staff in the Government Colleges, a training for the dealing assistants in charge of accounts/Budgets /Pension and other important sections were trained by the Directorate Officers and staff.

 staff-dir-he.gif (43944 bytes)

Staff   from Govt Colleges with Addl Director,HE  

c.Workshop on Methodology of Teaching for Lecturers of Secular Colleges- This workshop was organized on the 4th June, 2009, for both Govt. and Private Colleges in Nagaland. Forty five Lecturers  from both Govt.& Private Colleges participated in the  discussions on Problems of Teaching, Concept of Teaching-Learning (current trends) and Methods of Teaching. 

d.Computer training for the Directorate  staff- All the Officers and grade III staff were trained in the use of computers . Resource person  were called from the Department of  Information Technology 

g. Awareness progamme on Phonetics and Spoken English – In order to create awareness amongst  Teachers and Students regarding the importance of Phonetics and Spoken English,  the service of Mr.Noel Manuel, a noted phonetician of Dimensions, School of Phonetics and Spoken English was utilized  for selected Colleges within Kohima and Dimapur. The Seminar provided an opportunity to improve the communicative skills of the selected Colleges. 

h.Korean language course training –In collaboration with the CONA International Ltd. Students selected for study to Korea were imparted a  three months course in Korean language at Dimapur. The Department was given the responsibility for  organizing the course . The Hon’ble Minister of Higher & Technical Education, Dr.Shurhozelie Liezietsu inaugurated   the programme and also graced the Valedictory session as the Chief Guest. 

 trainees-award.gif (22348 bytes)

Dr.Shurhozelie,Hon’ble Minister, Higher & Technical Education awarding the certificates to the  trainees 

i.Placement of  Lecturers-  After the adoption of Service Rules-2003, the Department could put up the list of Lecturers for placements into Senior Grade,Selection Grade and Reader. The Departmental Committee approved the placements for 81 Lecturers in June,2009. 

(4) Recognition of Private Colleges:

                                      Private Colleges who have all requirements ( fulfills all criteria) are given No Objection Certificate by the Department and to be  further recognized by  Nagaland University. So far, 37 Colleges are in existence affiliated to N.U. The Colleges with some particulars are listed below.