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Dzukou Valley. Enchanting valley of flowers, uninhabited by humans and a breathtaking natural sanctuary. The Indian Elephant   (elephas maximus), Leopard (panthers parous), Asiatic Blackbear (ursus thibetanus) and Tragopan (tragopan blythii) are some endangered animals who find refuge here.  

Dzukou Valley is a valley that dreams are made of. From the month of June to September, the entire valley is a carpet of wild flowers.... the lilies white and yellow, the aconitums, the euphobias etc. are truly a sight to behold.

Here is Dzukou valley covered in a carpet of white lilies called the Anemone revularis which blooms in August.



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The untouched natural beauty of Dzukou Valley with numerous low cluster of hillocks surrounding the vale.

Nagaland is bestowed with breathtaking natural scenery; here is a sample of the prestine hills of the state


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Terrace cultivation is practised commonly in

Nagaland.A scenic view of a terrace field.

A panoramic view of the Kohima Local Ground located in the heart of Kohima town.