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The Annual Plan, 2006-07 being the terminal year of the 10th Five Year Plan, the State has critically evaluated the performances of the various Departments during the last four years of the 10th Five Year Plan in the light of the Approach, Objectives and Strategies enunciated in the Approach Paper to the 10th Five Year Plan. A review of the implementation of development programmes during the first four Annual Plans of the 10th Five Year Plan reveals an overall satisfactory realization of physical and financial targets in many of the primary, core and critical areas of development. Most notable achievements during the 10th Plan is the successful implementation of Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services in the sectors of Elementary Education, Primary Health, Rural Electrification and Rural Water supply and Sanitation. The successes of the implementation of communitisation of these sectors has made a positive impact in the minds of the rural people and on the development perspectives of the State as through such communitisation the rural populace have been given the opportunity to directly participate in the development processes of the State. The Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services initiated by Nagaland has attracted a lot of enquires from other States and the external/impact study of the programme under the aegis of UNDP has drawn very commendable conclusions.


The State continues its efforts to bridge the gap between less developed and developed Districts by providing substantial funds to the less developed districts for infrastructure development and assets creation through the Department of Under Developed Districts; introduced new schemes to empower women and youths and also made attempts to address the problems of unemployment particularly among the educated youths through its employment generation schemes and capacity building programmes and by accessing schemes of NEC and DONER etc  .


Under the Policy of Right Sizing of Government, the State has implemented Voluntary Retirement Scheme, Non filling up of vacancies and freezing of non productive posts. During the first four years of the 10th Five Year Plan, the State has also seen completion and commissioning of several major projects. The achievements, particularly in the sectors of Agriculture and Allied, Transport and Communication, Education, Health, Rural Development, Water Supply etc. are commendable. The food grains production has been raised from 3,56,300 MT in 2001-02 to 4,05,500 MT in 2004-05 which is expected to touch 4,98,000 MT by the end of 10th Five Year Plan. The meat production has reach the level of 63,250 tones catering to 82.50% of the State’s requirements of meat.


The State Domestic Product and Per-Capita income indicated highly appreciable growth rates during the 1st four years of the Tenth Plan. The GSDP of the State at current price has been increased from Rs.2547.13 crore in 1999-2000 to Rs. 4748.60 crore in 2002-03. Similarly the Per Capita Income of the State at current price has increased from Rs.13,770 during 1999-2000 to Rs.22,096 in 2002-03.


It is also heartening to note that the contribution of Agriculture sector, to the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) has increased from 27% during 2001-02 to 34% during 2004-05. It is expected that by the end of 2006-07 the contribution to GSDP will touch 30% with the new initiatives such as declaration of 2006 as “The Year of Farmers”.


Land and agriculture will continue to be the primary resources of the State for the sustenance of the people of the economy for many more years to come as neither trade nor commerce or industries seem to be in a position to take off as major economic activities in the near future. It is therefore, imperative that the Agri & Allied sector continues to form the core of the State’s development Plan activities. Accordingly substantial amount of funds are required to be pumped into the Agri & Allied sectors for transformation of the State’s economy.


The State’s planning process was affected by the abrupt discontinuation of PMGY without appropriate and specific schemes to replace them. The discontinuation of providing fund of 10% loan components of schemes funded by NEC, DONER and Central Plans reduced availability of funds to implement these programmes and is a problem that needs to be expeditiously addressed by the Planning Commission and Finance Ministry. The State Government’s proposal to introduce micro financing through the schemes of the Village Development Boards (VDBs) needs to be given the attention it deserves.


Sectoral review of performances in the following pages will reflect the achievements made under the various sectors during the first four Annual Plans of the 10th Five Year Plan period.


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